[AWS EC2] Demo Movie : SAP DR environment build-up with using SQL LogShipping.

2011年11月 7日 Posted in SAP クラウド Posted in SAP 技術トピック

Japanese version is here.

This is a recorded movie of the DR demonstration of SAP system that RTJ took part as a member of the Amazon Web Service pavilion at "Cloud Computing World Tokyo" (From Aug/31/2011 To Sep/1/2011).

This demonstration is technical reference exhibition to show how SAP system will be changed in future by using AWS that is one of latest cloud technology.


We used Solution Manager(including scheduling solution SAP CPS by Redwood) to automate the DR operation. This is a simple and cool movie. Please check it up!


**Please note. System environment used in this demonstration is not supported by AWS and SAP officially at Sep/2011.